1.1.0 Release

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This is the v1.1.0 release of Open Match.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Release Notes

Feature Highlights

  • Inclusive/Exclusive bounds for DoubleRangeFilters #1268

Breaking Changes - Previous releases are not compatible with this release.

  • Service names now include the helm release name. This changes the default value from, eg, om-frontend to open-match-frontend. This is more consistent with helm best practices, and allows multiple Open Match installations in one namespace. For helm users, your values.yaml from 1.0 is still valid and includes service name overrides to the previous value #1246


  • Time to Assignment metrics added to backend #1241
  • Reduced Redis logging #1248
  • Improved testing for Nil pointer exceptions #1249
  • Added PR template #1250
  • Tests now use require (previously assert) with improved output (#1253, #1257)
  • Reduced unnecessary logging in backend and frontend services. Updated query and evaluator logging #1255
  • Improved Statestore tests for Redis #1264

Usage Requirements

  • Kubernetes Version >= v1.15
  • Golang Version >= v1.14


Follow Open Match Installation Guide to setup Open Match in your cluster.

API Definitions

Available both in SwaggerUI and API references.