0.9.0 Release

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This is the 0.9.0 release of Open Match.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Release Notes

Feature Highlights

  • Refinements on the existing API. This represents the majority of API changes that need to be made before freezing the API for 1.0.
  • The backend and synchronizer have been mostly rewritten. They now no longer wait until the proposal window finishes if all running match functions finish early. Additionally they have better error handling, and optimistically stream data.
  • Revamped Grafana dashboards with detailed metrics documentation.
  • Have started end to end scale testing. Early results were presented in the January Community Meeting. Some minor issues have been discovered and fixed as a result.
  • New ReleaseTickets API on the BackendService to release ticket back to the pending tickets pool from the ignore list @caleb #1059

Breaking Changes - Previous releases are not compatible with this release.

  • Deprecated the previous evaluator and mmf harness. #1012 #1014
  • Updated Kubernetes client-go dependency to 1.13.12 #1020
  • Moved ignorelists config from redis to open-match-core #1028
  • Changed EvaluateResponse to MatchId instead of the entire Match object instead #1075 #1078 #1080 #1082
  • Removed the Rosters field from the MatchProfile proto #1084
  • Renamed Backend, Frontend, and Mmlogic proto APIs to BackendService, FrontendService, and QueryService respectively. #1055 #1065
  • Removed the Error field from the Assignment proto #1073
  • Changed FetchMatches proto from taking multiple profiles to one instead #1056


  • Improved Evaluator tutorials
  • Improved tutorials experience for Minikube users
  • Fixed a synchronizer logic that may incur go routine leaks
  • Fixed Open Match terminating gRPC connections after 1 minute. #1003
  • Configured Open Match’s default Redis setup such that it can function correctly under load #999
  • Added pod tolerations, nodeSelector and affinity to Open Match helm template #1015
  • Added the ability to specify custom Redis instance by overriding its endpoint in the helm template #1069
  • Optimized documentation about Open Match’s Grafana dashboards open-match-docs#136

Usage Requirements

  • v1.10 <= Kubernetes Version
  • Golang Version = v1.13.x

This software is currently alpha, and subject to change. Not to be used in production systems.


Follow Open Match Installation Guide to setup Open Match in your cluster.

API Definitions

Available both in SwaggerUI and API references.