0.6.0 Release Candidate 1

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This is the 0.6.0-rc.1 release of Open Match.

Check the README for details on features, installation and usage.

Release Notes

  • New API based on Tickets
  • New gRPC/HTTP harness for evaluator and MMFs.
  • New Demo that simulates game sessions and game server orchestration and talks to Open Match.
  • New sychronizer to gate batches of match proposals
  • Interactive API browser via swaggerui.
  • TLS transport encryption mode is now supported for gRPC and HTTP.
  • Improved instrumentation (Grafana and Prometheus metrics), logging, and test coverage.

Breaking Changes

  • Completely new API based on Tickets. Previous releases are not compatible with this release. See Future releases towards 1.0.0 may have breaking changes but they will be less impactful as this release.
  • mmforc has been replaced by synchronizer.
  • All old client applications (example: clientloadgen) have been replaced by a demo which simulates game sessions and clients.
  • New go get location,, will no longer work.


  • New Harness for MMF and Evaluator.
  • Major internal changes to improve reliability and correctness.


# Servers
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull
docker pull

# Evaluators
docker pull

# Sample Match Making Functions
docker pull
docker pull

# Test Clients
docker pull

This software is currently alpha, and subject to change. Not to be used in production systems.


To deploy Open Match in your Kubernetes cluster run the following commands:

# Grant yourself cluster-admin permissions so that you can deploy service accounts.
kubectl create clusterrolebinding myname-cluster-admin-binding --clusterrole=cluster-admin --user=$(YOUR_KUBERNETES_USER_NAME)
# Place all Open Match components in their own namespace.
kubectl create namespace open-match
# Install Open Match and monitoring services.
kubectl apply -f --namespace open-match
# Install the demo.
kubectl apply -f --namespace open-match

API Definitions